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About Us

We are a multinational team with over 20 years of remarkable experience leading Global University Learning Center and offering our expertise in two fields: ⠀ 1- Language training, which includes English courses, Conversation courses, Community English Courses (Proud to be the first to offer in Egypt), and Business English Courses. 2- Test Preparation, which includes IELTS (Academic & General), TOEFL (iBT & ITP), GMAT (Verbal & Quantitative), GRE (Verbal & Quantitative), SAT/ACT/est (English & Mathematics), PTE, Duolingo, OET, and Linguaskill preparation courses. Each service offers a unique experience and follows the international quality standards.


Our Departments

We offer top-notch services based on countless years of experience in the education and test preparation fields.


Meet Our Team

We’re led by a team who is always thinking, always creating, and always pushing forward.

Mahmoud Dwidar

Co-Founder & CEO Test Preparation Instructor

Muhammad Galal

Co-Founder Test Preparation Instructor

Moustafa Al Ashmawy

Head of Language Department

Wael Aly

Head of Curriculum Development and Testing Department

Ola Abd-Elghany

SAT/ ACT/ est English Instructor

Neha Monga

IELTS Instructor

Mahenoor Ibrahim

Language Instructor

Sameh Helmy

Mathematics Instructor

Yara Moustafa

TOEFL Instructor

Armine Abrahamyan

Language Instructor

Nixon Mathew

OET Instructor

Yasmeen Atef

SAT/ ACT/ est Mathematics Instructor

Tasneem Ali

Language Instructor


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