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"The GMAT exam is designed to test skills that are highly important to business and management programs. It assesses analytical writing and problem-solving abilities, along with the data sufficiency, logic, and critical reasoning skills that are vital to real-world business and management success. In June 2012, the GMAT exam introduced Integrated Reasoning, a new section designed to measure a test taker’s ability to evaluate information presented in new formats and from multiple sources—skills necessary for management students to succeed in a technologically advanced and data-rich world." https://www.gmac.com/gmat-other-assessments/about-the-gmat-exam


GRE Verbal Section

"Whether you are planning to go to graduate school, including business or law — or just exploring your options — you are taking an important step toward your future. It is a smart move to show schools your best and with the GRE® General Test, you can! And it is for… Prospective applicants from around the world who are interested in pursuing a master's, specialized master's in business, MBA, JD or doctoral degree take the GRE General Test. GRE scores are used by admissions or fellowship panels to supplement your undergraduate records, recommendation letters and other qualifications for graduate-level study. They provide schools with a common measure for comparison." https://www.ets.org/gre/revised_general/about


GMAT & GRE Briefing

This is an intro that will clarify what GMAT and/or GRE are; each test has its use and specifications, and we will show you which one to choose. Watch the video and subscribe to our channels.


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GMAT & GRE is a test preparation department that is specialized in GMAT & GRE preparation courses and is sponsored by the American University’s GMAT and GRE lecturers. We provide preparation in verbal, quantitative, and analytical essays, and we follow up till you get the required scores. We also introduce you to the tests’ restrictive rules along with the universities’ application and admission process, and we even review your personal statement. All the materials are included in the course fees, so you don’t pay any extra fees for presentations, software, hard copies, soft copies of books prepared by us, and the most recent official guide books; in addition, we provide the paid online tests, so you don’t have to buy them, either. We also prepare staff of banks like CIB and AAIB as well as staff of the petroleum sector to pass the GMAT test with high scores, and we have helped hundreds change their careers throughout the past years.
We offer our GMAT & GRE courses in Egypt and globally.

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