Do You Need Some Answers???

Guidance Language Center - GULC's Course Advisement

What information should I provide in order to join a general English or conversation course?

All what you need to offer is your language level, so we can enroll you with same level students,

If I need to join a test preparation course, what are the information that you need?

First, the type of test you need. Second, the score that you are required to get. Third, the deadline.

Who should take an online Course?

Applicants of remote areas that cannot attend courses in Cairo should apply for online courses.

How do I select a course?

Browse through our services and read the description of each course. See what suits you more and fulfill your needs.

Are there any prerequisites or language requirements?

For language learning and specific test preparation courses, we require a placement test result.

I am a high school student, can I join?

Sure! We offer courses from early education stages till PhD.

Can I take more than one course at a time?

Sure! As long as they do not conflict in time.

What should I do if I need to start the course late?

Register with your name and phone number, and we will inform you as soon as a new course comes.

How do I know my language level?

Take our free placement test, available in every department of our services, and in our main menu bar.

Guidance Language Center - GULC's Registration Process & Financial Considerations

How do I register?

You should call to book your seat and arrange how the payment is going to take place.

Do you have multiple branches?

Yes, we have 8 branches so far, and we are continuing to spread as long as there is a demand.

Where are you lacated?

We offer our courses in Egypt in: -
Nasr City, Cairo 3 branches. - Maadi, Cairo 3 branches. - Dokki, Giza 2 branches. - Suez 1 branch.

How can I find your locations on the map?

Click here, and you will see our locations on the map.

How can I pay for a course?

We have TWO methods of payment:
1- You can make cash payment on premise in Nasr City, Cairo, Egypt.
2- You can make the payment through Fawry.

When should I register?

At least a week before the actual date of the upcoming course. Note that our classes capacity is small.

Do you provide financial assistance or payment plans?

We receive full payment before the course.
** Installments are not available yet.

Can I get a refund if I am unable to attend my Course?

Absolutely! Full refund is valid as long as you haven't attended any sessions of our courses.

I am registered. Now what?

We enroll you in a course and get you an authentic set of books. After that, we inform you with the start date and time of the schedule in addition to the location.

How It Works – The Online Learning Experience with Guidance Language Center - GULC

How do I access my course?

We conduct online courses via Zoom software.

How long is my course?

Depends on the course you chose and the level within the course. Each has it is length and duration.
** Every course on the website has a description that starts the number of hours.

How many students are in a course?

Our classes have small capacity. Depending on the type of course, classes are from 4 to 10 applicants.

Who will be my classmates?

Students of the same level in the language.

How does Online Learning work?

At a scheduled time, we send you a link via Whatsapp to start our Zoom session.

Do I need specific equipment to take Online Courses?

Better if you have laptop and headphones.

How do I contact technical support during my course?

You can either send an inquiry via the website or call us on our number +2 01550099656

Is there an orientation for online students?

15 minutes at the beginning of the first session. We make sure you are fully aware of the process and how you deal with the material.

When and how often will my course meet?

Depends on the type of course. Our courses are whether once or twice a week unless it is a special course.

What should I do if I’m away for a few days?

Inform the instructor to manage the situation.

Do I need to buy textbooks?

Depending on the type of course, we will inform you about the books.

Course Completion

I completed my course! Now what?

You are ready to join a higher course, or you can pursue your future using the knowledge you acquired with us.

How can Online Courses boost my career options?

Distance cannot hinder you from reaching for your future. The benefit of online learning is that it gets you to wherever you would like to be.

Who should I contact if I have additional questions?

Send us an inquiry through the special inquiry pages available in every service and department.
**or Call us on +2 01550099656